Life is Crazy

JellyfishAfter reluctantly becoming a SAHD in June 2013 and moving abroad for several months I had developed the mantra of “Slow and Steady.” I would repeat it when I felt myself getting stressed or anxious. After repeating it several times I would force myself to focus on doing one thing at a time. For example, instead of trying to clean the entire house in a day I would focus on the kitchen.

The past two months have proven very stressful and pushed my new found mantra to its breaking point. Even though I have nothing but good news to report the past two months of life has been anything but “Slow and Steady.” Below I will give an update on all of the changes the Grumps have been through. Continue reading

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What do you do all day?

CoinsTwo questions people always ask when they find out I am a stay at home dad are…

“What do you all day?” and “Are you looking for a job?”

I can understand the questions. I guess.

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What is it you want?

EiffelWhat is it you want? A McMansion. A Corvette. A Spouse. A Degree. A Beer. A Career. Or do you have the opposite? A foreclosed McMansion. A repossessed Corvette. An ex-spouse. School debt. Alcohol abuse. A failing career?

It doesn’t make much difference which one you want, or have. The feeling is the same. Whether you’re chasing it or running from it your still in the pursuit of happiness because you have no option other than to believe life will be better once you get or get away from that item, that person, that dream. But what would happen, if, for just a moment, we all stopped running, took a breath, and looked around. Continue reading

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Be Mindful like a Monk

IMAG0657Let’s face the facts. Most of us have a certain perception of monks that could be summed up by something along the lines of “bald headed guys in robes” or “crazy, religious zealots who only want to convert you” to “I didn’t think monks existed anymore.” Until recently if some one said “monk” to me I would have thought of that albino guy chasing Tom Hanks around in the Dan Brown novels turned movies (Angels and Demons series) and then probably looked over my shoulder to make sure he wasn’t after me. It never crossed my mind that they may be the most financially badass among us or that they would make the best beer in the world! Continue reading

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