Junk Food Experiment: Month 1

Our Guinea Pigs, Grant Red (GR) and Jim Pierre (JP) had a glorious birthday. Grant purchased his stock. Jim ate, ate and ate some more. Below are the highlights of April 15th. Continue reading

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Junk Food Experiment!

American’s are getting fatter while also becoming poorer. Sadly, people blame the government, sneaky advertising and low wages for the poor positions they find themselves. Main Street blames Wall Street. Democrats blame Republicans. Republicans blame Obamacare. Instead of changing we continue to argue. Instead of trying to save or invest money we waste our time and money on item’s we don’t need such as fast food, beer and soda pop. These items add very little nutritional value but American’s spent a combined $354.1 billion ($1,110.40 per person) on these items in 2013. Continue reading

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Moving Abroard

Early in July 2013 Mrs. Grump’s employer asked her if she would be interested in moving to Brussels, Belgium for a 9 month assignment. The employer said it was a long shot so playing the odds and thinking it wouldn’t happen I didn’t say no, but I didn’t say yes either. I just assumed it wouldn’t happen and didn’t want to be the guy who said no to a once in a life time experience, even if I was intimidated by the idea of moving abroad. Well, we’re half way into our 9 6 month stint… Continue reading

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Old Posts

The blog has been going through an identity crisis lately. From removing advertising; shifting, deleting and combining old posts and adding and removing pictures I imagine I have lost some readers. However, I can say the major changes are over. Continue reading

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Around the World #1

People from all over the world have visited this blog since it began. Embarrassingly, many of the countries they came from I couldn’t find on a map. Sadly, Americans (the majority of readers) are incredibly ignorant to world geography.  In an effort to educate all of us I have published some basic knowledge that if you can remember, will make you sound a little more worldly.  Continue reading

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